Reiki translates to "God (or universal) life force energy". Chakras are energy centers located within the body and the surrounding bio-energetic field. Energy can stagnate where there has been physical or emotional trauma causing discomfort and dis-ease. Reiki therapy uses spiritually guided life force energy to clear blocks and promote flow and therefore, restore well-being.  Reiki is beneficial to the whole person: mind, body and soul.

Reiki sessions, known to be deeply relaxing and restorative, can help ease anxiety, reduce stress and tension, relieve pain, promote better sleep, improve focus, aid in toxin release and weight management, and boost vitality to beneficially enhance life quality. There is no better expression of self-love!


Expect your first visit to last approximately 1.5 hours, starting with an initial consult and full body scan.  After energy therapy, a wrap-up consultation will close the session, with a specifically designed course of treatment outlined for the individual, if needed. Each additional scheduled session will last approximately one hour.


Our Reiki sessions take place in our studio, conveniently located near the Bishop Arts District of Dallas, TX. Outcall wellness services available at an added charge. Looking to provide Reiki services for your group or event? Contact us for terms and availability.



How is Reiki administered?  Client will lie on back, fully clothed on Reiki table, eyes closed or nearly so. Practitioner will work around the table with hands hovering slightly above client, or may use a light touch with noninvasive hand-placement as needed.

What do I need to bring?  Bring a measure of trust and an open mind!

What if I fall asleep?  It is ok to fall asleep during Reiki- it's almost expected you will relax deeply enough to feel drowsy. Healing is better able to take place in sleep state.